Pack It Up and Head On Out

As I write, a friend is loading her pickup truck and heading to a trade show. The last thing she puts in the truck bed will be the first thing she needs to unload: her flooring. She’s a wise business owner, so she’s chosen a flooring system that’s lightweight and easy to transport, water and stain resistant, easily installed in just minutes, and impresses customers at first glance. Nothing can do all that you say? It may be hard to believe, but EVA foam mats can accomplish all this and more at your next trade show.

EVA foam is the stuff flip-flops are made of, so you know that, when used as a flooring application, it’s going to be super comfortable. The foam flooring comes in easily installed 2′ mats with puzzle-piece edges so the individual mats snap together quickly and seamlessly. The spills that occur at most trade shows are easily cleaned up from these kinds of mats because they’re water and stain resistant. Just absorb the spill with a towel or paper towel and you don’t have to be concerned that the liquid will permanently damage your flooring.

How does EVA foam look? It depends on what kind you purchase. You can get solid colors to complement your business colors (even choose a couple of colors to create attractive patterns for your booth), you can choose a carpet top mat to give that extra warm feeling, or for a really upscale look you can try faux wood grain mats.

How does EVA foam perform? Aside from all the characteristics mentioned above, EVA has a very special quality that other flooring applications don’t have: EVA foam is shock absorbing and anti-fatigue. Admit it, you associate trade shows with fatigue. But with EVA foam beneath your feet, you’ll last longer with more energy than you thought was possible at a trade show. EVA foam is kinder and gentler to your back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet, so you won’t feel that ache from being on your feet within the first hour of the show. The better you feel, the better you and your booth will perform.

Don’t head out to your next trade show without some EVA foam flooring. Make sure it’s the last thing you pack up before you head out!