The Trade Show “Commercial”

You have a limited amount of time to make that all-important first impression at a trade show, and your trade show booth flooring can go a long way in helping it to be an outstanding and memorable one. Attractive, product-complementing wood grain flooring, though made from soft EVA foam, can be that eye-catching key to getting a passer’s-by attention and brining them to your booth.  Continue reading The Trade Show “Commercial”

Stand Out From the Crowd on an EVA Foam Wood Grain Floor

Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge at a trade show, but when you’re standing on a wood grain EVA foam flooring system, not only will you make that unforgettable first impression a positive one, you’ll be communicating to your potential customers that you actually care about their comfort and well-being. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading. Continue reading Stand Out From the Crowd on an EVA Foam Wood Grain Floor

A Professional Look Without the Professional

As a business owner, you know you have a great product or service, but at your trade show booth, you have to get that idea across to your visitors immediately and with impact. How can you achieve this if you can’t afford a professionally designed booth?  Continue reading A Professional Look Without the Professional

Forget the Giveaways

My spouse handed me a doo-dad yesterday he received from a vendor at a trade show and I didn’t even know what it was, which gave me the opportunity to highlight what a waste of money giveaways are (and how a truly elegant trade show booth floor might have made a greater impression). It was a little out of left field, but I think the point was made: my spouse couldn’t even remember which vendor had given him the gadget. Continue reading Forget the Giveaways

Give Your Booth a Floor Lift

Is your trade show booth ready for the fall and winter exhibition circuit? Maybe it could use a little pick-me-up – what do you think? You always hear the term “facelift” when it comes to making something appear a little better, but where your trade show booth is concerned, a floor lift might just be in order. Continue reading Give Your Booth a Floor Lift

Laying the Foundation for a Great Trade Show Booth

You’ve got a great product, you’ve chosen your best salespeople, and with a knockout trade show booth flooring system, you’ll be way ahead of your competition when the exhibition opens to the public. Products and energetic salespeople are givens as you prepare for the trade show, but imagine for a moment what a wood grain flooring system would look like under your trade show booth. It could definitely kick the classiness up a notch! But it can do even more. Continue reading Laying the Foundation for a Great Trade Show Booth

Comfort = Sales

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, having an attractive and functional trade show booth with elegant wood grain foam flooring can help you sell it better. Visitors to trade shows are drawn by what they recognize, but also to what attracts their attention, and if you have an elegant, upscale trade show booth rather than just a folding table and some cheap giveaways, you’re going to capture not only their attention, but their memories and hopefully their business as well. Continue reading Comfort = Sales

Better Carpet for Your Trade Show Booth

Tired of lugging a heavy, uncompromising roll of commercial carpet to every trade show to give your booth that warm, cozy feel? Instead, try tossing a few carpet topped squares of EVA foam into a shoulder bag and installing your carpet trade show booth floor in just minutes. No aching back, no positioning furniture to cover stains, and no more dreading the setup and take-down of the exhibition space – is it possible? Not only is it possible, it’s can be gorgeous, and just the facelift (or floorlift) your trade show booth needs. Continue reading Better Carpet for Your Trade Show Booth

Heading to the Show

So, you’re headed to the trade show, but where is your trade show booth headed? A question people often forget to ask, but the naked truth of the matter is that the simple exposure having a booth provides can’t be your endgame if you want to capitalize on the opportunity to its fullest. You’re going to get the most mileage from your booth if you can do two things: make your booth attractive (in the literal sense—you want it to attract people), and make yourself as personable as possible. And believe it or not, the secret weapon of a trade show expert is your booth’s flooring. Continue reading Heading to the Show