Practicality and Productivity

Your trade show booth’s floor is key to your success on the exhibition circuit, though it might seem like a floor is hardly worth mentioning. But when you reduce the amount of time you spend installing and maintaining your booth’s floor, and increase the comfort level of your staff and the visitors to your booth, you’ve made an important step toward making your trade show booth the most effective it can be. 

EVA foam trade show booth flooring is aesthetically a no-brainer. You can choose solid color foam mats to blend in with your existing color scheme or make a cool pattern with two or more colors to be a real eye-catcher. You can warm the whole thing up and make it nice and cozy with some commercial-style carpet topped interlocking foam mats in rich, inviting colors. Or you can go first-class with a classy wood grain look with faux wood grain foam mats. Nothing says elegant like hardwood, and it might just be a conversation starter when your customers look down at their feet as they step on it and wonder why it’s so comfortable.

Practically speaking, EVA foam mats are much easier to transport, install, and store than any other kind of flooring you might take to the trade show. Because the tiles are made from EVA foam, they’re super light-weight (think flip-flops). And because each tile locks into the next with puzzle-piece tabs, you can store them on top of each other, then install in mere minutes when you reach the venue. They won’t take up half a closet when they’re not in use, either; you can store them easily in a shoulder bag and use the same bag for transporting to your shows. When you arrive at the venue, just lock the mats together, set up the rest of your booth and get on with the important business of making a great first impression.

The real beauty of EVA foam trade show booth flooring is that it can actually help improve the outcome you can expect from the trade show. Because the mats are made of that anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing material, your staff won’t feel the hostility of the concrete floor beneath them from the first hour. They’re going to feel comfortable, like your booth’s visitors, and be more energized and productive even as the show comes to a close. Energized staffers can mean a more productive experience and better returns on your investment of resources.

EVA trade show booth flooring isn’t the sexiest component of your booth, but it’s likely to be the one that makes your exhibition experience easier and more productive. Make the small investment and watch the returns pat you on the back.