Put Yourself in Their Shoes

You’re getting ready for yet another trade show. Chances are you’re thinking about selling product, setting up an attractive booth, working with social media, arranging for significant giveaways, and ways to keep track of your contacts. That’s all crucial to the success of your participation in any exhibition. But don’t overlook the needs of those wandering the myriad aisles of the show. What is something they actually need right then and there that you could provide?

They’ve been walking for a good while before they get to your booth. You greet them in front of your booth and ask personal questions to make a connection. Then invite them into your actual booth. Offer them a comfortable seat. Right there is a step that shows you want more for them than just a sale. You want them to feel at home, like a friend.

Once that trust has been established, more questions about their needs are in order. What brought them to the show today? What are they looking for? If an obvious connection to your product or service is in the answer, launch your pitch. If not, ask more questions to steer them in the direction of your business. They may discover a need they never knew they had. If you’re really in their shoes, you’ll realize that when that kind of “aha” moment has happened to you, you really appreciated it. It was valuable to you. Being the person that facilitates that “aha” moment for your visitor will elevate their esteem for you and your business. Remember, they’re probably tired with sore feet and loaded down with free giveaways. If you make them comfortable and treat them respectfully you’ll make an impression.

If you’re in their shoes, you’ll feel their pain from hoofing it around a concrete auditorium for awhile and from the needs they have in their lives. Being the guide to those answers is what will make you unique and leave a positive memory in their minds of their experience at the trade show. You’ll definitely see them again.