Replace the Roll

When it’s time to give your trade show booth a makeover, remember your foundation: the trade show booth floor. Doesn’t matter how good the artist is, if the canvas is poor to begin with, you’re going to end up with a sub-par product. Start with the basics and improve your trade show booth’s appearance and performance with an anti-fatigue, high-end style carpet topped EVA foam flooring system.

Say goodbye to the sorry old roll of carpet and those dusty and stained area rugs, because carpet topped EVA foam mats are lightweight, simple to install, easy to transport, and a veritable joy to walk on. One good stain on the roll of carpet, and the whole thing is diminished. You could pay a small fortune to have it professionally cleaned, but then you’re right back in the position of needing to pay it all over again the next time it gets stained. And while carpet rolls and well-made area rugs might offer a little cushioning, they do nothing to support your joints or make your booth’s appearance really stand out to your potential customers.

Enter the carpet topped EVA foam mats. The mats are 2’x2′ and have puzzle-like tabs on all four sides so they snap together for a seamless look. Take them out of a convenient shoulder bag when you arrive at the venue, install them yourself in just a few minutes, and you’ve got an eye-catching foundation from which to build the rest of your booth. Choose a color that complements your business colors and your entire booth will look integrated and well-planned, a good first step in making that crucial first impression.

Caring for the carpet topped trade show booth floor mats is super easy. When that first coffee stain strikes, blot it up and when you get back to the house or business, wash it, let it dry, and it will be ready for the next show. If one of the mats ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that single mat. Can’t do that with a roll of carpet! The premium carpet topped mats can be vacuumed just like you would regular carpet, too, but unlike carpet, they won’t continue to hold debris in a deep pile. The commercial style top keeps the debris where your vacuum can get to it.

Finally, consider how you and your customers will feel while standing on 3/8″ of EVA foam. That’s the stuff from which your flip-flops are made. The foam seems to magically transform your floor into a soft, comfortable oasis in the concrete jungle of the exhibition hall. Not only will you feel better even towards the end of the day, but your customers will feel the tension leave their bodies when they’re in your booth. That’s a great position to be in when it comes time to launch your pitch.

Replace that old roll of carpet with some anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing, richly colored carpet topped EVA foam mats and enjoy the new foundation for your next trade show appearance.