Stand Out From the Crowd on an EVA Foam Wood Grain Floor

Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge at a trade show, but when you’re standing on a wood grain EVA foam flooring system, not only will you make that unforgettable first impression a positive one, you’ll be communicating to your potential customers that you actually care about their comfort and well-being. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

Concrete is the nom de guerre under which trade show booths typically operate, but wood grain EVA foam mats turn that modus operandi on its head. Concrete drains you and those attending the exhibition of energy, comfort, and the ability to focus. But flooring mats made of the same stuff as your summer flip-flops absorb the shock your joints would normally feel. You’re left standing and walking on a soft, supportive surface that cushions your joints and prevents that concrete fatigue from setting in. Imagine the difference in your energy level and performance if you weren’t focused on how sore your feet and lower back were. The same is true for your guests: they’ve been walking on the killer concrete for hours, but in your booth, they’re greeted with comfort and a reprieve from the energy-sapping concrete. Now you’ve made a fantastic first impression.

Why wood grain EVA flooring mats? The appearance of hardwood suggests a level of sophistication and class you just don’t see at many trade show booths. Wood grain mats, whether in a classic oak or perhaps mahogany or bamboo are aesthetically pleasing and hint at a level of elegance that will automatically increase the perceived value of your product or service. You can have fun with the wood grain selection, too: how many cork floor have you seen? Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to get a customer’s attention? It’s possible that your flooring choice may be the unconscious factor that motivates a potential customer to check out your booth in the first place!

Once they step onto your wood grain trade show booth floor, customers will note that you paid extra attention to the appearance and feel of your booth for their benefit. And that’s true, but it can also be a way of keeping you and others who staff the booth at the top of their game. Who’s to say which is the primary goal?!

Make the best first impression possible by installing attractive, anti-fatigue wood grain flooring mats in your trade show booth and be prepared for the hoards of exhibition attendees to spend just a little extra time in your booth.