Style with Substance

Trade shows are often an exercise in who-can-outdo-whom in terms of booth displays, but with a knock-out, EVA wood grain floor in your trade show booth, you’ll win first prize without all the circus.

Trade show booth floors are hardly what you’d think of when you want to make your booth stand out from the crowd. But you’d be surprised what a little understated style can do for your booth and your overall exhibition experience. If you’ve already got a booth you’re pretty satisfied with, kick it up a notch with some wood grain flooring. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and with 3/8″ of EVA foam beneath the wood grain finish, you’ll be standing in comfort all day long.

Wood grain adds elegance to any room. It can do the same for your booth. Think about it: people can choose to go to a booth that’s sitting directly on the concrete floor of the exhibition hall (where the staffers probably look fatigued from standing on that concrete all day) or they can come into a living room-like atmosphere at your booth where you and your staff are happy to greet them. Then imagine their surprise when they step onto what they thought was hard wood. Oh yeah.

One of the best things about wood grain foam mats is that not only do they provide a level of style your booth previously did not have, but they actually make it easier to transport your booth from one venue to the next. Because they come in 2′ squares and connect with puzzle-piece-like edges, they can simply be stacked on top of each other and toted to the next event. They’re easily cleaned, unlike rolls of carpet, and if one piece ever becomes damaged, you can just replace it. How’s that for substance?

Don’t hesitate for a moment to give your booth the style it deserves and the practicality you deserve: get some stylish, supportive wood grain mats today for a great trade show performance tomorrow.