Bottom Lines

The “bottom line” is, well, literally the bottom line of your balance sheet, but what if it were considered the foundation from which you built your trade show presence instead? What if, instead of a number, your bottom line was literally the bottom of your trade show booth – your floor?! And what if you thought about both those definitions as equally important? Continue reading Bottom Lines

Pack It Up and Head On Out

As I write, a friend is loading her pickup truck and heading to a trade show. The last thing she puts in the truck bed will be the first thing she needs to unload: her flooring. She’s a wise business owner, so she’s chosen a flooring system that’s lightweight and easy to transport, water and stain resistant, easily installed in just minutes, and impresses customers at first glance. Nothing can do all that you say? It may be hard to believe, but EVA foam mats can accomplish all this and more at your next trade show. Continue reading Pack It Up and Head On Out

A Gift to Your Business

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts for the employees, but how about giving yourself and your business a gift this year with some new trade show booth flooring mats? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! An upgrade to your current trade show booth might make your New Year’s Resolution (more sales) easier to achieve when your at the exhibition hall. Continue reading A Gift to Your Business

Foam Mats in Trade Shows and Retail Settings

Recently, an organic foods grocery store in a small town made an addition to its store that got some welcome attention. They put six EVA foam mats behind the counters and the employees couldn’t be happier! “We could use about 4 more, because people are pushing the mats one way or the other so they’re in the right places. I guess we’ll be ordering again!” Continue reading Foam Mats in Trade Shows and Retail Settings