Launch Your Trade Show Experience

When your business doesn’t have something as show-stopping as a $500 flamethrower to market at the trade show, you’re going to need something perhaps not as eye-catching, but more practical and welcoming, like a soft, anti-fatigue EVA foam flooring system in your trade show booth. Continue reading Launch Your Trade Show Experience

Getting the Most From Your Trade Show Booth

For just a minute, think of your “bottom” line as your trade show booth flooring. Yeah, it’s the “bottom” of your trade show booth, but it’s also a key indicator of how you present your business and how it’s going to perform for you at a trade exhibition. Since it’s that important, it’s time to make sure it’s the best flooring system you can have, one that will increase sales, make happy customers, and keep you at the top of your game on the trade show circuit. Continue reading Getting the Most From Your Trade Show Booth

New Year, New Trade Show Booth

When you’re in the market for a facelift for your trade show booth, start with your booth’s floor, its foundation, and make sure you begin with soft, supportive, anti-fatigue EVA foam floor mats. This is hands-down the most affordable and attractive way to begin the transformation your trade show booth needs. Continue reading New Year, New Trade Show Booth

The Trade Show Booth as a Room

Making your trade show booth look and feel more like a showroom is easy when you start with a foundation of soft, supportive, and comfortable EVA foam flooring mats. When the environment is a familiar one, or at least a comfortable one, potential customers will feel more at ease listening to your sales pitch and lingering long enough to be convinced your company can make their lives better.  Continue reading The Trade Show Booth as a Room

A Quick and Easy Solution

How many times have you wished you could afford a decent flooring system for your trade show booth but assumed it wouldn’t be money wisely spent? There’s good news: not only is a new flooring solution affordable, but it can actually help make your booth more comfortable and ultimately more productive!  Continue reading A Quick and Easy Solution

Practicality and Productivity

Your trade show booth’s floor is key to your success on the exhibition circuit, though it might seem like a floor is hardly worth mentioning. But when you reduce the amount of time you spend installing and maintaining your booth’s floor, and increase the comfort level of your staff and the visitors to your booth, you’ve made an important step toward making your trade show booth the most effective it can be.  Continue reading Practicality and Productivity

Lightweight, Heavy-duty Carpet for the Trade Show

Finally, there’s an easily transported, richly colored, anti-fatigue trade show booth floor covering that will have you and your customers sighing with relief. And there’s no better way to make a great first impression than to bring comfort and ease to the guests visiting your trade show booth.  Continue reading Lightweight, Heavy-duty Carpet for the Trade Show

The Trade Show “Commercial”

You have a limited amount of time to make that all-important first impression at a trade show, and your trade show booth flooring can go a long way in helping it to be an outstanding and memorable one. Attractive, product-complementing wood grain flooring, though made from soft EVA foam, can be that eye-catching key to getting a passer’s-by attention and brining them to your booth.  Continue reading The Trade Show “Commercial”

A Professional Look Without the Professional

As a business owner, you know you have a great product or service, but at your trade show booth, you have to get that idea across to your visitors immediately and with impact. How can you achieve this if you can’t afford a professionally designed booth?  Continue reading A Professional Look Without the Professional

Forget the Giveaways

My spouse handed me a doo-dad yesterday he received from a vendor at a trade show and I didn’t even know what it was, which gave me the opportunity to highlight what a waste of money giveaways are (and how a truly elegant trade show booth floor might have made a greater impression). It was a little out of left field, but I think the point was made: my spouse couldn’t even remember which vendor had given him the gadget. Continue reading Forget the Giveaways