The Trade Show Booth as Product Showcase

The perfect frame for your favorite artwork makes the piece even more beautiful, and the same is true for your trade show booth and product, including the floor you choose to use in your booth. When you have a booth that surrounds your product or service in a way that makes it stand out, that draws attention to it, you’ve achieved the right equation for making the most of your trade show experience.  Continue reading The Trade Show Booth as Product Showcase

To Show or Not to Show

I was just invited to attend a trade show that I’m told will be four times larger than one of a similar kind I attended previously. I’m thinking about all the new products, the contacts I could make with direct suppliers, and the discounts I could secure. I’m also thinking about the physical toll it will take on my body. Is it really worth it for met to attend? But as a believer in trade shows, I also look at the invitation from the perspective of the vendors: they may not have a choice but to attend, regardless of what it does to their joints and aching backs. Continue reading To Show or Not to Show


Remember my last post about hoping to find some trade show genius who made their booth comfortable with some soft, welcoming EVA foam mats? Yeah. Never happened. With over 600 booths, not one had taken the time to pay a little attention to the flooring under their tables, chairs, or displays. And I have the sore joints to prove it. Pictured is a pair of shoes worn by another attendee. How do you think she felt about an hour into the show?! Continue reading Ouch!!

Give Sore Feet the Boot

You know that feeling when you’re walking around the trade show floor, sizing up the other booths, and you see somebody’s flooring and you think “Man, that’s some really impressive flooring. I wish I had that flooring for my trade show booth.” Yeah, most people don’t know that feeling either. We’re typically focused on the display, the banners, the equipment, all that kind of stuff, but you know what’s universally true of people working trade show booths that aren’t concerned about flooring? Sore feet. You know what’s an absolutely miserable way to end the day? Sooooore feet. Continue reading Give Sore Feet the Boot

The Trade Show Terror

You might not feel it if you’re just attending, but a trade show is a marathon for those who staff the booths—and sadly, it is often an EVA foam mat-free, sore-feet-inducing marathon for many, many staffers. The smart staffer will know that someone should be standing at the booth, as it is the mark of someone who is prepared to engage with passers-by, as opposed to sitting, which is the mark of someone who is too tired to give 100% to the task at hand. But how on earth are you supposed to stay on your feet all day on a hard convention center floor? Continue reading The Trade Show Terror

Help for Trade Shows

Ever notice how many ads you see on search engines for trade show consultants, assistants, coordinators, and staffers? The trade show industry is huge (pronounce that however you like), and each show requires extensive amounts of planning and coordination. For a “small fee” you as a business owner can hire a consultant to tell you how to get the most out of your trade show experience. But for just a few minutes of research, you can get all that information for free. Continue reading Help for Trade Shows

Creativity vs. Integrity

If you use a search engine to find “creative trade show ideas” you’d better get ready to be overwhelmed. Everybody’s got ideas on how to get traffic into your booth and close sales. The problem is, depending on your venue and the type of business you own, you may be wasting your time on some of those “creative” ideas. The best bet: an elegant, professional quality booth, and be the solution to a problem your visitors may not even know they have. Continue reading Creativity vs. Integrity

Trade Show Booths: To Rent or Not To Rent?

It seems almost daily someone is offering to rent a trade show booth (for a “very reasonable price”). Is that really the way to go? If you have a small business, the idea of renting a booth may seem attractive because of the “low” initial outlay, but is it your best bet in the long run? Continue reading Trade Show Booths: To Rent or Not To Rent?