Take EVA to a Show

Lest you think EVA is a woman, let me clarify: EVA is a foam material which is made into a lot of things like EVA foam mats. And the show isn’t a movie, it’s your next trade show. Why take EVA mats to a trade show? So glad you asked.

If you’re used to hauling a 50 ton roll of carpet to pad your trade show booth, you’ll be happy to learn you can achieve the same effect with EVA foam mats, but with less backache, fewer permanent stains, easier care, and a much more stunning effect. You see, EVA mats come in many colors and designs, so you can match them to your company’s logo or colors. They’re made like giant pieces of a puzzle, so they lock together to form a beautiful floor that only takes minutes to assemble.

Installing a floor coordinated with your company colors is a great idea, but EVA mats also come in different faux wood grains. Got a classy booth design? Kick it up a notch with some wood grain EVA foam mats. Potential customers will be drawn to the elegance of your booth, and when they step on the “wood” floor, they’ll get the shock of their lives when their feet are greeted by 3/8″ of soft EVA foam! (Hint: be prepared to answer questions about your floor in addition to your product.)

Installing your booth floor is easy, but what’s even better is that EVA is just as easy to care for. At the end of the show, when you’ve packed everything up, take a broom or a suction-only vacuum to the mats to remove dirt and debris. Then stack them, put them in a convenient shoulder bag and toss them in the back of the van. If any of the mats take on a spill, just wipe them up. They’ll resist water and keep looking new. If a mat ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace that single mat – can’t say that about a roll of carpet!

So take EVA mats to your next show for results you and your potential customers will truly appreciate.