The Consumer at Your Trade Show

I’m heading to a trade show in a couple of days and just received the floor plan; my feet hurt just thinking about walking all over the place with no decent trade show booth flooring in sight. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe there will be a trade show genius who’s prepared his/her booth with a comfortable, shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue floor where I can spend a little extra time relaxing. Let’s hope so.

EVA foam flooring for a trade show booth is one of those unsung heroes of the exhibition. Why? Because you don’t think about your floor as contributing to the success and lure of your booth. You’re focused on your product or service, making the eye-level stuff catchy, and having plenty of giveaways for potential customers. Those are all important, don’t get me wrong (well, truth be told I’m not a fan of giveaways – I think you’re money could be better spent elsewhere), but overlooking the physical comfort of your staff and your customers means you’re just another booth in the expanse of booths just like yours. Time to set yourself apart.

Imagine your potential customers approaching your booth and thinking, “That’s a really nice hardwood floor.” Then they step on it and their feet, knees, hips, and backs are immediately given the equivalent of a massage as they sink into 3/8″ of EVA foam that looks like a classic oak hardwood floor. Now you’ve got their attention. They realize you’ve gone the extra mile to make sure they’re comfortable, not just to sell them your product. You’ve now been set apart.

Yes, your product is the most crucial component of your trade show booth, but an EVA foam floor, either in your company colors or in an attractive wood grain, lets your customer know that their comfort is important to you. Maybe skip the giveaways and get some EVA foam flooring for your booth. Customers can’t take it home with them, like a pen or refrigerator magnet, but they’ll remember you because of how you made them feel.