The “Hamilton” of the Trade Show

Do your feet feel like they’ve been waiting in line for Hamilton tickets after just a few hours on your trade show booth floor? Of course you’d never actually get the tickets, so there wouldn’t even be a reward at the end of your back-breaking wait. Let’s hope the same isn’t true of the trade show you’ve been planning for months to attend. There’s one way to make sure your participation in the trade exhibition is a productive and comfortable one (if not as entertaining as a Broadway show). When you floor your trade show booth with supportive EVA foam mats, you’re sure to feel like you’re getting the VIP treatment without paying the ridiculous cost.

Trade show booth flooring has historically been nothing more than what the exhibition hall provides: either bare concrete, or concrete covered in carpet. Either way, you’re body knows the truth: you’re on a very hard surface that does little to nothing to support your joints or make your booth look good. The solution is to bring your own trade show booth flooring! Now, if you’ve been lugging a carpet roll around from show to show, you know how difficult BYOF can be. Additionally, carpet is pretty much shot once it’s stained, and you don’t want to give a stained impression of your product at the trade show. With 3/8″ EVA foam mats complementing your booth, not only will your booth look better and potentially attract more visitors, it will give your joints the anti-fatigue support they’ve been longing for.

EVA foam mats come in various colors and grains. You can get solid colors that can provide a seamless look that matches the rest of your booth, multiple colors to create eye-catching patterns, or wood grain mats in a variety of shades and grains to really pop. Imagine someone sees what they think is a hardwood floor in a jungle of concrete. They probably are impressed that you’ve invested so much in your booth’s appearance. They step into your booth and are shocked to be met by soft, supportive, EVA foam instead of hard wood. (Be prepared: you may get a few questions about this!). Your trade show booth flooring has now become a key marketing component of your booth.

If you’re lucky enough to have Hamilton tickets as your trade show raffle or drawing, you might not need a trade show booth floor to draw the crowds, but since that’s not likely, give the EVA foam mats a shot and see if your booth doesn’t win a Tony!