The Life of a Trade Show Booth

I’m a trade show booth and I have a story to tell. If you’re looking for a nice bedtime story – this isn’t it. This is a story of constant relocation, lack of respect, judgmental people, and discomfort. At least it used to be. But then I got a new EVA foam floor and my story changed.

No one thinks we trade show booths have anything to say, but let me assure you the moment I was given an attractive, wood-grain foam floor, my story just leapt out of me. I realized how rough other booths have it: hard concrete floors or stained, heavy carpet, staffers who resent having to stand all day on those uncomfortable and unattractive surfaces, and exhibition attendees who pass them by because, well, they all look alike. But thanks to my little floor make-over, I have a different story to tell, and it always has a happy ending.

When a person gets a new pair of shoes or a new outfit, people are always complimenting them because it’s a new and different look, usually a better one. Well the same is true for me and every other trade show booth out there. Give us a little something to change up our appearance every now and then, like a new foam floor, and we’ll rise to the occasion. We’ll just look better all the way around. Our signs will look a little more classy. Our staffers will be more comfortable, so they’ll make our product more appealing with their enthusiasm. And most importantly, our product will make an indelible impression on attendees because we have something others don’t: a comfortable, inviting floor.

I promise, if you give me an easily installed, easily maintained and transported EVA foam floor, I’ll do my best to make you and our product look fantastic. Think I’m not serious? Try me.