The Possibilities of EVA Foam

If you use EVA foam mats in your trade show booth you have a lot in common with surfers, fishermen, sneakers, and cos-play costumes. Probably didn’t think about that, did you? The invention of EVA foam has allowed myriad industries to make their products better and less expensive. And if you use EVA mats in your trade show booth, you know this is true.When you’re standing or walking around your trade show booth, EVA foam mats can mean the difference between the energetic, enthused, and confident you and the sore, exhausted, apathetic you. Which you do you want in your booth?

Of course, EVA mats don’t just make a difference in your performance; they can make a difference in your product’s performance, too. EVA mats come in many colors, even in wood grain patterns so you can choose a color that complements and highlights your product, or choose a wood grain that will really grab attention. Nothing upscales a trade show booth better and less expensively than a beautiful wood grain EVA foam floor.

But perhaps the best thing about EVA mats is that they are easy to transport. No more lugging a heavy carpet roll around from show to show. And those permanent stains from excited or careless customers? They’re not permanent anymore with EVA foam mats. The mats are stain-resistant and you can clean up any spill quickly and easily with a cloth or maybe a little mild detergent in water. If a burn happened to your carpet, you’d have to replace the whole thing. With EVA foam mats all you have to replace is the tile that’s damaged. Pop the damaged mat out and put a new one in – that’s all there is to it. Since the whole EVA flooring system connects like a puzzle, putting it together and taking it apart for transport is literally a snap.

Take advantage of the miraculous invention of EVA foam for your next trade show booth and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the experience.