The Trade Show Booth as a Room

Making your trade show booth look and feel more like a showroom is easy when you start with a foundation of soft, supportive, and comfortable EVA foam flooring mats. When the environment is a familiar one, or at least a comfortable one, potential customers will feel more at ease listening to your sales pitch and lingering long enough to be convinced your company can make their lives better. 

If the look of a hardwood floor says “Welcome!” to you, it probably will to your trade show booth visitors, too, so a booth floor covered in wood grain EVA foam mats is just what you need. Wood grain communicates class and elegance, something most trade show booths are sorely lacking, and can lend an upscale feel to your product and business. Customers who are used to the finer things in life may be more attracted to this style of trade show booth, so for just a few bucks, you can escort them into your upscale exhibition and know they’ll feel comfortable.

Cozy living and family rooms seem to demand carpet for warmth and comfort, so a trade show booth floor covered in commercial-style EVA foam carpet tiles will have that same air of familiarity and ease. What better way to introduce your product than to make sure your customers feel comfortable and welcomed? As they step into your booth, their feet are given a respite from the hard concrete floors of the exhibition venue, and their bodies (and minds!) will relax. You obviously must care about them and their comfort, or you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of this fancy flooring system. Well, they might not consciously think that, but that’s the feeling they’re going to leave with. Score one for your booth!

It can be a challenge to pack everything you want into your trade show booth, but when you offer your visitors the comfort and class of EVA foam flooring mats, they’re going to remember your attention to them more than any details that might be missing. Your first impression is the only one you get at a trade show, so make the most of it by providing your visitors with the pleasure of walking on soft, comfortable EVA foam.