The Trade Show Booth as Product Showcase

The perfect frame for your favorite artwork makes the piece even more beautiful, and the same is true for your trade show booth and product, including the floor you choose to use in your booth. When you have a booth that surrounds your product or service in a way that makes it stand out, that draws attention to it, you’ve achieved the right equation for making the most of your trade show experience. 

Trade show booth flooring is one ingredient in your exhibition recipe that you just can’t leave out. You might be able to skip the giveaways in favor of a more meaningful prize at the end, and you might get lucky with a perfect location on the venue floor, but if you want your product to stand out from the crowd – and there’s always a crowd – you need to frame it in such a way that eyes are drawn to it without even realizing they’re being drawn. Think of your booth as the infrastructure of a showcase, like one you might have in your business. It should have lots of complementary lines and angles, be well lit, but not be so ostentatious that it draws attention away from your product. With the right trade show booth flooring, you can begin to build that showcase yourself, without the expense of a professional consultant.

EVA foam trade show booth flooring can create colorful patterns, present the warmth of carpet, or add class and professionalism with wood grain. Choose the style that fits your product and your business best. EVA foam, whether in colors, carpet, or wood grain, will take the edge off that hard venue floor while providing anti-fatigue cushioning that allows you and your booth’s guests to feel comfortable and cared for. You can install the flooring system yourself in just minutes because the flooring mats connect to each other with puzzle piece-like tabs. That also means they’re easy to take apart and transport home, unlike heavy rolls of carpet. Once your flooring is down, you can begin to assemble the rest of your exhibition showcase, knowing you’ve begun with the perfect foundation.

Trade show booth flooring is the first place to begin building the optimal showcase for your product at the trade show. Let it augment your appearance and enhance your product and become the first ingredient in your trade exhibition showcase.