The Trade Show Booth Story

What story does your trade show booth tell? Is it a war history, with scratches, dents, duct tape, and stained carpet? Is it a drama with barely hidden attempts at covering up blemishes you don’t want the customer to see? Maybe it’s a comedy, with misfit components, a staffer who doesn’t take the whole thing seriously, and people literally laughing at your “booth.” Hopefully it’s none of the above, but if you’re concerned about keeping your booth out of any of those categories, there’s a good way to begin, and it’s really affordable.

A facelift to your booth can begin with something as simple as your booth flooring. And you have several attractive, versatile options. First, get rid of what you have that is difficult to transport or just plain unattractive. If you don’t have anything at all, you’re ready for the next step: choosing a type of trade show booth flooring that is going to enhance the presentation of your product or service, keep you comfortable, and maybe even make your potential customers feel more welcomed and cared for.

The application of a mere 3/8″ of EVA foam flooring can do wonders for the look and feel of your trade show booth. First of all, it’s so lightweight, you can pack all the 2′ square mats into a shoulder bag for transportation. No heavy carpet rolls to break your back before the event even begins. Secondly, you can choose from solid colored mats that can really be eye-catching if you combine a couple of different colors to complement your business’ colors. Or you can upgrade to a hardwood floor look with wood grain foam mats. Choose a classic oak surface for a seamless hardwood look or go for something interesting like cork or bamboo. There are even carpet top options for a warmer, more traditional look and feel. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be standing on 3/8″ of EVA foam, the stuff your beach flip-flops are made from, and will feel more comfortable at an exhibition than you’ve ever felt before. And imagine your customers’ reaction when they step off the hard concrete and onto your anti-fatigue foam mats.

Your trade show booth can be an action story if you want it to be, an oasis in a competition-filled venue with you as the guide for the weary hero looking for something special. And the Oscar goes to…