The Trade Show “Commercial”

You have a limited amount of time to make that all-important first impression at a trade show, and your trade show booth flooring can go a long way in helping it to be an outstanding and memorable one. Attractive, product-complementing wood grain flooring, though made from soft EVA foam, can be that eye-catching key to getting a passer’s-by attention and brining them to your booth. 

Thinking of your trade show booth as a commercial and your booth’s floor as the eye candy of the shot is a smart approach to building your booth design. A commercial is short, must be to the point, and has to leave a viewer thinking about how much your product or service would make their life better. Does your booth do that? If not, one simple first step toward that end is to upgrade your flooring system. EVA foam wood grain mats give the impression of a classy hardwood floor, and you can choose exactly which type of wood grain you’d like. A sultry slate, a playful cork, a classy oak, or rich mahogany all go the distance in giving your booth a facelift, er…floorlift, to bring all the customers to investigate.

EVA foam flooring is soft – just like your beach flip-flops – so you already know how comfortable it will be. The one advantage your trade show booth has over a television commercial is that your audience actually gets to experience the feel of the thing. And when they step onto what they thought was going to be hardwood, well, you should see their faces! The seamless appearance of the mats makes it hard to tell that they’re not real hardwood, but the soft, supportive feel is undeniably something other than hard wood! The shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue quality will have your visitors breathing a sigh of relief, maybe even lingering a little longer than usual, and their comfort is your cue to launch a great pitch. True, you may have to begin by answering questions about your floor, but even that is an opportunity to tell the customers that you value them so much, you chose to install this wonderfully cozy flooring just for them. Points scored.

You and your trade show booth have exactly one opportunity to make your “commercial” count, and EVA foam wood grain mats are your ace up the sleeve.