The Trade Show Terror

You might not feel it if you’re just attending, but a trade show is a marathon for those who staff the booths—and sadly, it is often an EVA foam mat-free, sore-feet-inducing marathon for many, many staffers. The smart staffer will know that someone should be standing at the booth, as it is the mark of someone who is prepared to engage with passers-by, as opposed to sitting, which is the mark of someone who is too tired to give 100% to the task at hand. But how on earth are you supposed to stay on your feet all day on a hard convention center floor?

Well, the secret is that you really probably shouldn’t do that at a trade show at all—that’s why they invented things like EVA foam mats. Or, you know, maybe they were invented for something else (I am not a foam historian), but they might as well be invented for the purpose, because you’d be amazed at how much of a difference you’ll feel at the end of a long day on the floor. There’s little that makes one feel as exhausted as sore feet, and if you’re feeling exhausted, visitors to your table will be able tell. The whole thing suffers if your feet aren’t happy.

So keep your stamina up at the trade show—stay hydrated, sit down every once in a while if you need to, wear comfy shoes, and don’t forget to pack them EVA foam tiles. Trade shows are about how you present yourself just as much as how you present your product, and if you’re like just about everyone else, it’s pretty challenging to be sunny and personable when you’re achey and tired. Save yourself the trouble by keeping something between you and the trade show floors of terror.