The Upside of Trade Shows

There’s no doubt that the strategic use of technology can get you more customers. They carry your website with them on their phones, peruse your website at home on their computers, and follow you on social media. The downside to this is that customers may assume they know all there is to know about your company and product without ever asking a question. This could lead to a customer walking away (figuratively) and you losing a sale you never knew you might have had. Trade shows are the answer to the questions they never ask. 

Many businesses just like yours find that getting in front of a potential customer goes a long way in building the relationship necessary to make the final sale. Getting customers to your booth at the trade show is the first step in making that sale. But it also means you have some work to do.

What do you want to say to potential customers? How do you get them to your booth so you can give them the information they don’t know they need? The first impression is key. Loud and flashy might draw some eyes, but it’s the feet you’re aiming for. Getting a customer to approach and engage your booth requires a professional, classy, and elegant presentation. Begin with a professionally designed display that focuses on your product, not gimmicks or giveaways. Coordinate the display with your company logo and colors for a clean, unified presentation. Simplicity always trumps busy and messy.

Keeping it simple in a jungle of loud, colorful, and competitive booths can be tricky, but with attention paid to every aspect of your presentation, you’ll be the hit. Focused lighting added to the inhospitable halogen lights of the exhibition hall can draw eyes to your product and make it easier for passers-by to see instantly what it is you’re about. An attractive and comfortable flooring application can lend color or formality to your booth without drawing attention away from your product. The right flooring material will keep customers comfortable while they’re in your booth and give your staffers time to engage and close the deal.

The upside of technology is that you are available to your customers 24/7. The downside is that this isn’t always enough. Trade shows give you an edge in terms of personal interaction and opportunity. Take advantage of the next trade show and be ready for a productive day of building customer relationships that will continue to produce long after the latest hashtag has run its course.