Time for a New Booth Design?

If your trade show booth isn’t getting the results you want at exhibitions, it may not be your product that’s to blame. It could very well be the functionality, visibility, and appeal of your trade show booth.

You know you have a great product or service, but you have to communicate it quickly through your trade show booth – visually, at first, then interactively. If your budget doesn’t afford you the luxury of a professional designer, there are ways to attract visitors even without a professional. First is observing other booths at trade shows. Which are you drawn to and why? Observe traffic flow, congregational spaces, the staff, and the booths around them. Often, location plays a big role in your success. Locating your booth in a high traffic area is obviously preferable to a hidden corner.

Secondly, when you design your trade show booth, consider its aesthetic appeal from various angles. Your product, not necessarily your company name, should be visible from a distance. This will attract people who are sincerely interested in what you have to offer. Once they arrive at your booth, how are they greeted? A booth designed to make them feel comfortable and welcomed is key. Seating areas are crucial as they give you an opportunity to make your pitch. Flooring is another key consideration. Carpet rolls are nice, but they’re heavy and hold stains. Consider something more unusual, like EVA foam mats which can be taken apart, tossed in a shoulder bag, and reassembled easily at the next show. EVA foam will provide a cushion that convention-goers won’t expect in the concrete jungle of booths, and just that one extra touch may make them remember your booth over others peddling similar products.

If you don’t have the budget for a professional trade show booth designer, follow these tips and the booth you have or can afford will be just a little more professional, warm, informative and effective.