To Show or Not to Show

I was just invited to attend a trade show that I’m told will be four times larger than one of a similar kind I attended previously. I’m thinking about all the new products, the contacts I could make with direct suppliers, and the discounts I could secure. I’m also thinking about the physical toll it will take on my body. Is it really worth it for met to attend? But as a believer in trade shows, I also look at the invitation from the perspective of the vendors: they may not have a choice but to attend, regardless of what it does to their joints and aching backs.

Trade show flooring is traditionally either just bare concrete or concrete slab covered in commercial carpet. Nice try, carpet, but you can’t absorb the fatigue vendors and attendees feel when they walk on you. But if you put down some EVA foam mats as the floor for your trade show booth, you’ll be surprised how much more comfortable and energetic you’ll stay throughout the show. Good EVA foam is anti-fatigue; it will cushion your joints as you stand for hours on end, and will in fact impress potential customers as well. They’re feeling it as much as you are, so why not do yourself a favor and impress your customers at the same time?

A well-designed and thoughtful trade show booth will include everything from the ground up, including flooring, so consider adding some EVA foam to your booth’s composition. Whether you choose a carpet top mat with a commercial carpet appearance, or a faux wood grain mat (guaranteed to fool the eye), or some solid color-coordinated mats that reflect your company’s colors, you can get comfort, utility, and marketing in something as simple as trade show booth flooring if you make the right choice.