Trade Show Giveaways and Takeaways

No one thinks about trade show booth flooring when they attend an exhibition (well, if you’re on top of your game, you do), but it can be an integral part of what helps your customers and guests remember your booth and product in a positive and outstanding light.

If you’ve been standing on comfortable, anti-fatigue EVA foam trade show booth flooring, you’re relaxed, energized, and ready to make your best pitch. If your customers have been hoofing it through a concrete exhibition hall for hours, they’re going to find a little oasis for their tired bodies when they hit your booth. How do you attract them? A classy, professional-looking booth is your first line of marketing, and a beautiful wood-grain EVA foam flooring system can be that marketing tool. Wood grain? You bet – and there are even multiple grains to choose from. Feeling playful? Try some cork-styled mats. Want to go upscale and elegant? Check out a classic oak pattern. All the mats lock together snugly for a seamless look that’s not only eye-catching, but comfortable and able to make a good impression before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Now, a lot of folks won’t think about trade show booth flooring as a “giveaway” the way they do back scratchers, stress balls, and key chain bottle openers, but a comfortable floor is something your customers will remember long after a back scratcher breaks and the stress ball fails to deliver. “Oh yeah, that was the place with the squishy floor!” They’ll remember their takeaway from your booth positively and with a sense of comfort. Isn’t that what you’re really after?

You can purchase giveaways until you’re blue in the face, but the real takeaway you want your customers to have is the memory of their experience at your booth – something you can have an impact on with the selection of EVA foam booth flooring for your trade show booth. Giveaways are useless, but takeaways – priceless.