Trade Show in Person

I’m getting ready to attend (not exhibit) a massive trade show encompassing three floors of an exhibition hall. Already I’m feeling like I should give each exhibitor a hug – poor folks will have been standing on their feet for 10 hours for two days. Agony. I wish they could all have comfortable flooring for their trade show booths, like EVA foam mats.

If you’ve ever taken your show on the road and had to endure hours on a cold, hard exhibition hall floor, you can imagine the relief that would come having some trade show flooring that was anti-fatigue and actually a pleasure to stand on. It’s no secret that hard floors travel up your legs, into your hips, and settle squarely in your lower back. What kind of a salesperson does that make you? Energetic? Optimistic? Doubtful. But that’s what you need to show your potential customers. You need to be engaging, and the only way that’s going to happen is if you’re comfortable and energized. And the best way to achieve that is to have 3/8″ of EVA foam under your feet.

Not only does the foam trade show flooring relieve your back pain, it’s easy on the eyes, too. You can create patterned floors that will really pop in your company’s colors, or lay down some wood grain mats to increase your score on the Impressive Scale. EVA foam mats lock together like pieces of a puzzle, so they’re easy to stack, carry, install, and put away. They’re also water and stain resistant, so coffee spills clean up quickly and easily. Planning to reconfigure your booth? Not a problem. The mats can be installed quickly in any configuration you need.

Make 2017 The Year of the Mat (not to be confused with Al Stewart’s song), with some soft, supportive, and truly cool EVA foam mats for your trade show booth. Your body will thank you.