What’s New at the Trade Show

Your trade show booth floor could be the next trend-setting hot item to hit the exhibition circuit! Not only could your business make a name for itself, you could get the whispers started that there’s a new trade show booth floor in town and it’s name is EVA.

EVA foam trade show booth flooring takes your booth to a new and more eye-catching level. Sure, a whole trade show booth makeover will make your product stand out, but even something as simple as a new, EVA foam floor can make an immeasurable difference in how your business and your product fare at the trade show. Imagine a flooring system that’s lightweight, easily cleaned and transported, and makes a daring and colorful pattern to attract guests. EVA foam can do all that! Choose a couple of colors that match those of your business, create a cool pattern with them, and there you have it: a lure to bring all the business to your booth.

For a truly upscale look, try using some faux wood grain EVA foam mats to project the look of real hardwood. Visitors won’t even know it’s not real until they step on it. But then! Then! There eyes fall downward to gaze in wonder at this anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing oasis their feet just encountered. You may have some explaining to do, but that’s ok! There’s your new intro for a brand new pitch! You’ve just started an entirely new conversation!

Customers love to feel welcome and at home, and nothing says “come on in!” like the look and feel of a richly colored carpet-topped EVA foam flooring system in your booth. You can have the look and feel of carpet without shelling out the big bucks for a fancy area rug or roll of carpet. And you can have it all without breaking your back every time you have to load and unload it. Carpet-topped EVA foam mats are super lightweight – in fact, you can toss them into a shoulder bag and carry them hands-free! What a relief at the end of the day when you don’t have a hundred pounds of flooring to lug home!

There’s always lots of “new” at every trade show, but you can be the new when you install some EVA foam trade show booth flooring mats in your booth. You’ll be the talk of the town (well, at least the talk of the exhibition).